Health & Wellness Centre

The institute was founded in the centre of Munich, Germany, soon re-emerging in Tablas, Romblon. It promotes treatments for pain and inflammation - strengthening self-healing powers through the use of light or pulsed electro-magnetic resonance therapies.

In order to provide your body the possibility to achieve his holistic health, we recommend to use the high quality, bio-active Nutrition with local products, wellness or a detox diet.

  • Diagnosis through measurement of the vegetative, autonomous system of your body (1-3 per year)
  • Biological health through detox and nutrition
  • Rehabilitation, Relaxation
  • Yoga, Wellness - preventiv for body, soul and spirit
  • Light therapy, e.g. against pain and inflammation
  • Therapies with pulsed electromagnetic fields therapies (e.g. improvement of blood circulation, diabetes)

Reguvita Diagnosis

Neuro-vegetative analysis of heart rate variability (HRV), blood-pressure (RR), RR-wave frequency, breath/heart rate and age-related physiological and biometric data, using a specially-designed algorithm.

In other words, we are measuring all main systems of regulation, providing an overview of your self-healing povwer and optimizing all therapeutic measures.

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We utilize internationally-accepted therapeutical techniques to achieve self-healing and to maintain the normal state of the body. We offer diverse line of procedures from boosting your immune system to enhancing your own breathing process.

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Deep Impact Red Light Pulse
This light therapy is the result of up to date scientific research on pain treatment, antagonizing all inflamatory processes by neutralizing the corresponding neuro-transmitters and being entirely free of adverse effects. It also increases ATP (energy) production in the cells and gives your immune system a boost.
Pulsed electromagnetic fields (
Frequent, long term (at least 6 sessions) in 3 weeks) treatment, providing the cellular system with fundamental information on how to initiate the self- healing process. For chronic illnesses we recommend application on a daily basis.
Breathing Therapy (Dr. Shioya / Dr. Clausen)
Learn how different ratios of inhalation, exhalation and intervals affect you in a positive way, improve your overall constitution and enhance your vitality.
Rehabilitation Therapy
With Physiotherapy, massage, circle training, body exercises the patient will get ready for his daily life, work or sport much faster back in track. Especially after surgeries, accidences or bad injuries.
After stress time, burn-out, mental or physical challenges we build you up - mentally and physically including special nutrition and supplements. Invest into yourself, drink the healthy waters and book a cure for one, two or three weeks.
Yidaki Nui

Are you suffering from sleep apnea or asthma? This is for you! Learn how to play the indigenuous Australian instrument and realise deep exhalation and diaphragm movement the fun way. Circular breathing? Yes, it’s possible!


What are you aiming at in life? Is it just wealth and prosperity, or would you want to go for a more holistic approach to the law of abundance, like health, happiness, and a kind of spiritual well-being? In case you can answer the latter with “yes”, the old tradition of Hatha Yoga is the answer.

“Hatha” means “force” or “power”, paying respect to the fact that no goal can be reached without effort. It also points at the complementary properties of the sun’s and moon’s energies, balancing male and female, hot and cold, dynamic quiet aspects of our very own being.

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Static postures of the body like “tree”, “cobra”, and “mountain”. You have probably seen pictures of people practising it. Excellent preparation for “asana” is “karana”, combining certain movements with breathing, giving all internal organs a massage. The most famous of all “karanas” is the “salutation to the sun” or “surya namaskar”.
Consists mainly of breathing exercises. Behind that is much more: “prana” is the life force, “yama” defines its free flowing aspect and “ayama” its consious control. So “pranayama”, by the meaning of the word, is dealing with both at the same time, liberating and navigating it simultaneously.
Learn to withdraw your sense from outside stimulation, concentrate it in one spot and aim at dissolving the difference between observer and observed. What you are thriving for is ultimate bliss in the spiritual sense of the word and make it last; enlightenment!