About Tablas Island

Tablas, Romblon is one of the best kept secret in the Philippines.
A place for people seeking a connection with nature,
a happy community, and a growing economy.

The Island Life

Connection with Nature
It is always a dream come true living in a tropical place like Tablas. A perfect climate for great outdoors, sactuaries and untouched coral reefs, fresh air, organic fruits, grains, and vegetables on the table, and a great variety of sport facilities: sailing, paddling, surfing, fishing, biking, trekking, and many more!

The Warm Welcome

Community of Harmony
Living a simple life cultivates a healthy personality and a happier way of living - a trait the locals of Tablas share. The people are known for being friendly and hospitable, to co-locals and foreigners alike. Through the years of peace and goodwill, warm treatment towards others became an important virtue that enabled the place achieve its zero crime rate record.

A Rising Economy

Economic Growth
Tablas’ abundance of nature’s gifts is one of the factors why the island is an eye-opening place for a potential source of agriculture, minerals like marble, and so much more. Good education enabled the growth of competitive workforce, helping investors achieve business endeavors.